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Canine Conditioning & Fitness

All dogs, regardless if they are a performance dog or family companion, need to stay fit in order to remain active. Just like humans, the more active a dog is the healthier they remain and the longer they may live.

Canine conditioning is designed to address the specific needs of your dog and the goals you set for your dog. Individualized plans are developed with your dog's needs, your schedule and your lifestyle in mind.

In person and online options are available.

Performance Dogs

Performance dogs are athletes and like all athletes they must train to excel in their sport(s). That training must include conditioning work in order to keep them fit and minimize injuries.

Canine conditioning can help to get and keep your dog in peak conditions and should be tailored for the sports in which your dog participates.

Family Companions

As a member of your household, you want your dog to remain as healthy and active as possible.

Canine conditioning will help your dog maintain a healthy weight, good muscle tone and overall better fitness.

Structure & Gait Analysis

Structure and Gait Analysis is also offered in order to ascertain any issues which need to be addressed in the conditioning program developed. It can also serve as a valuable tool when concerns are noted in the dog's movement and an evaluation is needed with a veterinary professional. A video is created which may help the professional see things not easily noted in an office visit.


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