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2023 Please Note:

Unfortunately my schedule has become too full to offer herding lessons at this time. I am only able to offer lessons once or twice a month and that simply is not enough.  As difficult as herding is for both the dog and handler to learn, you need to have a lesson and work stock weekly.  Therefore, there are no lessons available at this time.  I really hope to begin again in the future but that will not likely be until the Spring of 2023.

The initial offering at Dogwood is geared toward the Beginner dog and handler.  "Herding Foundation Training", aka herding obedience skills, will be the focus.  It is imperative that the dog be under control of the handler when working livestock.  Without these skills the livestock, dog and handler run the risk of injury.  Therefore, dog and handler teams desiring to learn how to work livestock will need to demonstrate competency in these skills before acceptance into individualized herding lessons.  This introductory training will be provided by Sally Boarman.  The dog/handler will be provided training on skills such as a reliable Down and Recall while in the presence of sheep.  While your dog may have wonderful skills at home, many dogs become quite stimulated in the presence of livestock and are unable to perform these basic skills reliably.  "Herding Foundation Training" will assist you in strengthening these skills in the presence of livestock so that your dog will be under your control when your herding lessons begin. The length of time that a dog needs to take lessons for the Foundation work will vary quite a bit from dog to dog.  The cost is $25 per lesson (approximately a half hour).


Take Note:

All persons new to herding are strongly encouraged (it’s not a requirement) to attend an Introduction to Herding clinic at Hado Bar farm in Nova, Ohio.  This provides the handler with an overview of herding as well as testing the dog’s instinct.  They offer these clinics once a month.  More information is available at


Sound interesting?  Contact Dogwood to set up a lesson or get more information!

**Practice time with Sheep is available for experienced dogs/handlers.  Contact Dogwood for more information.

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