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Introduction to Agility- THIS CLASS IS NO LONGER OFFERED

This class provides training in the very important foundation skills needed for agility as well as an introduction to all of the agility obstacles.  Dogs must be at least 11 months old to participate.


In this class the dog's confidence and skills are increased on all agility obstacles, with increased heights and sequencing introduced.

Beginner Intermediate I

This class continues to build obstacle confidence and skills in the dog, focusing on the development of independent weave and teeter performances, while also strengthening the dog's contact performance.  The handler is also introduced to introductory handling manuevers and the role of handler motion in the directing of a dog through a course.

Beginner Intermediate II

This class is a continuation of Beginner Intermediate I, focusing on the introduction of front and rear crossing while continuing to build the dog's confidence and ability to run longer sequences.


Intermediate Agility

Intermediate Agility continues to expose the dog and handler team to running sequences and introduces the handler to more challenging handling manuevers such as serpentines, 270's and backside jumps.

Novice Agility

The Novice class is an on-going eight week training program intended to provide the dog and handler team with the skills necessary to prepare for and begin agility competition.

Competition Agility

The Competition class is an on-going eight week training program intended to build a comprehensive repertoire of skills for the handler and provide challenging experiences for the dog and handler team in order to prepare them for agility competitions at the Excellent/Master level.

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