2021 Events

Dogwood's Sport Spotlights is Returning!

Have you heard about a canine sport and wondered about it but not sure if you would like it? Have you thought it would be fun to try a sport but don't want to sign up for a series of classes until you are sure that you and your dog like it?  Well, come try out some new sports at our Sport Spotlights clinics!

June 19, 2021 - Barn Hunt

July 17, 2021 - FastCAT (lure coursing)

August 28, 2021 - Barn Hunt


Pre-Registration is required.  Working spots are limited to Six dogs so each dog/handler team gets ample time to try out the sport.  $25 per working dog.


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2020 Events

Re-Opening after COVID-19 Shut Down   (updated 6/14/20)

Barn Hunt:

Barn Hunt classes are resuming as of June 15, 2020 with COVID Guidelines for safety in place.  No new students/dogs are being accepted at this time.  Once we get this session underway and are comfortable that the adjustments we are making to protect everyone from COVID-19 are workable for everyone we will accept new students as openings become available.



Private lessons for Herding have resumed.  Contact Sally at dogwoodagility@aol.com for more details or to set up a lesson.


Beginning May 12 – Building Rentals (10am-7pm) – Cost is the usual $25/hour or $15 if you just want a half hour.  The building will be available with a full course set up (all equipment at regulation height and 12 weave poles).  I will preset bars for you so, unless you are running multiple dogs, you conceivably won’t need to touch any equipment.  You will be the only person here during your rental time.  I will schedule them with time in between so that you won’t encounter anyone else and I will have time to sanitize doorknobs, doors, etc after each rental.  Hand sanitizer will be available. **You MUST agree to only arrive for your rental if you have NO SYMPTOMS of COVID-19 and have NOT BEEN EXPOSED TO ANYONE WITH COVID-19.  I will ask that you sign a waiver attesting to this fact.  (Sorry, don’t mean to be neurotic, just cautious.)    **Beginner students, I can set up 6 channel weaves off to the side so they are available for practice.  I can also lower the teeter for you.**


Beginning May 18 – Private Lessons (10am-8pm) – Cost $25/half hour or $45/hour.  Again, I will schedule these so that your only exposure will be with me.  I will be wearing a mask at all times and ask that you do the same at least upon arrival and departure.*  You will be free to run your dog without a mask  (if you prefer) however we will both observe 6’ distancing practices.  I will do all bar setting so that no one touches the equipment but me.  We will be working with the weekly setup (all contacts will be available) but you are welcome to let me know what your training goals are and I can make some accommodations for beginner students (channel weaves, low teeter, etc)  I will be sanitizing after each lesson and/or rental.  As indicated above, you will be asked to sign a Waiver attesting to the fact that you agree to only arrive for your rental if you have NO SYMPTOMS of COVID-19 and have NOT BEEN EXPOSED TO ANYONE WITH COVID-19.


In terms of Group Classes, I am anticipating getting them started again the week of June 1.  However, bear in mind that not all persons are going to be participating in June so I may change classes just a bit to accommodate folks and still have a decent schedule for myself. So, your class time may be a tad different.  I will, of course, consult with everyone beforehand to make sure it works out for everyone.  I mention it now just so folks don’t assume we will restart exactly like we left off.  I will be emailing each class group in order to confirm who will be returning etc so that I can establish a schedule.  It may involve combining some classes but the class size will remain small.  My plan is for each class to have Four or fewer folks so that I can easily allow proper physical distancing.  We also stopped classes when classes were not yet on the same week.  So for those classes who had not yet finished the 8 week session we will work things out to get everyone on the same schedule while making sure folks get their money’s worth. As we were doing before the shut down, I will be the only person to touch the equipment so I will be doing all bar setting etc.   Additionally, you will be asked to sign the COVID-19 Waiver referred to above.


*I will be asking that everyone wear masks as of the opening of Group Classes, June 1 (masks may be removed while running your dog, if preferred, but then put back on as you return to the seating area).  HOWEVER, if you have a reason that you are unable to wear a mask I simply ask that you privately email me with a request to be excused from wearing a mask.  If I feel your request is reasonable (it can’t be because you don’t have one or simply don’t like them) 😉  I will be more than happy to accommodate you.  Depending on the class you are a part of, I will do my best to provide a bit more spacing etc in light of the fact that you won’t be wearing a mask.


I will also be asking everyone to observe safe physical distancing at all times when on Dogwood’s property.  That is 6’ or more at all times!! 


Have a question?  Contact Sally at dogwoodagility@aol.com.


"It's Possible" Canine Conditioning clinic with Robby Porter, CCRP

October 2-4, 2020 CANCELLED

Come join us for a hands-on seminar in which participants will be introduced to targeted strength training and body awareness exercises to improve your dog’s performance and reduce risk of injury. You will learn methods for improving your dog’s balance and coordination, increasing flexibility, building core strength, improving your warm up and cool down routines, and more!


Robby is a Certified Canine Rehabilitation Practitioner who has been working in the veterinary rehab and conditioning field for more than 15 years.  He supervises and facilitates exercise therapies at South Paws Veterinary Surgical Specialists in Mandeville, LA and travels throughout the world presenting his positive reinforcement exercise techniques. His force free program allows for fast learning and continued physical challenges with optimal control over the athlete’s form.

Unfortunately due to the COVID-19 pandemic circumstances have changed and this seminar will not be held.  Hopefully he will be back in the Spring of 2021.


Working spots (13 available)  - $325 (includes snacks and water)*

Auditing spots (unlimited) - $25/Friday, $75/day Sat & Sun (includes snacks and water)*

    *bring your own lunch or several fast food options nearby


Registration Opens May 4 for Dogwood students (past and present) and May 11 for everyone else.  Contact Sally at dogwoodagility@aol.com with questions.

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