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COVID-19 Guidelines for Dogwood Training Center

As of 3/14/22


In keeping with the CDC and the State of Ohio, the following are the current COVID Guidelines effective at Dogwood Training Centers:


< Masks are not required when outdoors on the Dogwood property however 6’ social distancing is still recommended.


< Agility/Rally/Obedience students - masks will no longer be required in the Training Building.  Anyone wishing to wear a mask is welcome to do so but it will no longer be a requirement.


< Barn Hunt students- the requirement for mask wearing will be determined by the weather.  When the weather is such (cold, raining, etc) that the large garage door must remain closed, masks will remain required when inside the garage.  When the large garage door is able to be open, providing good air flow, masks will be optional.  The garage is a much smaller area so some precautions will remain in effect. If a Barn Hunt student desires to wear a mask and prefers that the instructor also wear one, the instructor will do so upon request.  Students will continue to wait their turn outside of the garage so that the person working a dog and the instructor are the only ones in the building.  One additional person will be permitted in the garage for purposes of observation and videotaping of person working.


< At the end of each day, all frequently touched surfaces will continue to be sanitized.


< The Port-a-Potty will continue to be sanitized regularly.


< The seating area in the arena has been arranged to allow for social distancing. This will remain in effect as it has proven to also be a nice separation of dogs while waiting turns.  The crate room seating will also remain arranged in a way that allows for social distancing by those who prefer it.

Thank you for your cooperation.

Dogwood's Sport Spotlights is done for the year!

Have you heard about a canine sport and wondered about it but not sure if you would like it? Have you thought it would be fun to try a sport but don't want to sign up for a series of classes until you are sure that you and your dog like it?  Well, come try out some new sports at our Sport Spotlights clinics!

All clinics will be held 7pm-9pm, unless otherwise noted.

Stay tuned for information about 2023 Spotlights!!


Pre-Registration is required.  Working spots are limited to Six dogs so each dog/handler team gets ample time to try out the sport.  $25 per working dog.


Click Below for Registration Form